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Medway Basement Finishing

This job was in Medway, Maine.  The owner’s basement was unfinished but did have one wall built with sheetrock.  Because of the sheetrock the basement smelled and was not used.  They ordered a Sani Dry dehumidifier and we delivered it a month before the job started.  It completely got rid of the smell and also dried out the upstairs.  This was in August which is the most humid month in Maine! They also told Keith their electric bill actually went down by $18 that month!  They had been using a small store dehumidifier before.p

We finished approximately 500 square feet and installed a room which would be a half bath in the future.   They are planning on using a Sani Flow for the toilet, a relatively easy low cost way to add a toilet in the basement. We cut the concrete to install an egress window even though this was not required by code, they wanted the natural light.  We then installed the TBF wall panels, the TBF no sag ceilings, and all the vinyl trims. The owners installed their own vinyl flooring.

The planned use for the basement is for additional living area and a large TV.  The basement now has no smell, and is water resistant and mold resistant.  It will give the homeowners many years of enjoyment.  The completed project includes a large living area and a half bath. The window is an egress window for quick access in case of fire, which is required by code. The job will take approximately two weeks to complete.