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From design to disaster to delight

Imagine having spent three months with your home under construction, anticipating a transformation from small and cramped to open and luxurious. Imagine sitting in your new space, enjoying a cup of coffee with your contractor, congratulating each other on a job well done, an end to the mess. Imagine smelling smoke coming up from the basement. Imagine fire trucks arriving and your beautiful new home in flames. Just imagine.

That’s exactly what happened to Sherri Glazier last year. What began as a new addition to increase space in her kitchen, dining room, family room and back deck, turned into quite a ride. No sooner than the work was completed, did it have to happen all over again, plus smoke and water damage repairs to the original home’s footprint. A faulty dehumidifier was identified as the cause of the fire in the basement. In less than three minutes, the entire home was filled with smoke. Sherri and Gary Proulx, project manager, escaped the home without injury.

Gary lost no time mobilizing the Keith Trembley/Paul Davis Restoration emergency response team. In addition to the fire department, Cross Insurance’s owner quickly arrived; within 40 minutes, the fire was contained.

Once the fire department gave the OK, the homeowners, Gary and the insurance company owner, went inside to assess the damage. The emotional trauma and shock was overwhelming. The brand new, long awaited renovation was now uninhabitable. All clothing, furniture, window coverings, art work, carpeting, walls, lights—everything was covered in thick black soot.

Fast forward to November. To try to meet a target date of Thanksgiving, the KTB/PDR team worked feverishly to restore the home, including cleaning everything, storing all furnishing in temporary storage trailers on site, repainting all rooms in the home, replacing floor coverings and much more. Because every room needed attention, new pastel colors were selected to complement restored art work. Out of a tragedy was born a stunning new home.

And, yes, Thanksgiving was celebrated at home that November, thanks to the KTB/PDR team.

Glazier Home

Glazier Home