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Bathroom remodeling is a solid investment in your home

A bathroom remodel is a very personal thing and is more about comfort and pampering amenities than form or function, though those are also important. Along with a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is by far one of the best investments a homeowner can make, and the return on investment (ROI) a bathroom remodel might produce is an important consideration.

Return on Investment

The ROI a homeowner might expect for a bathroom remodel varies, depending on how you spend your bathroom remodel dollars, and again like a kitchen, the strength of the housing market in your specific area. The Cost Versus Value Report,  a joint study done by the National Association of Realtors and Remodeling magazine—provides national and regional averages. The report estimates the cost of an average home improvement project and compares it to the value it would recoup if the home sold ONE year later. 

Keeping in mind the "personal-ness" of a bathroom, it is our pleasure to help you work your way through all the planning, budget considerations, and decisions a bathroom remodel brings.

Here is a list of preliminary questions for you to consider and discuss with us during the early planning stages:

  • Is this bathroom intended for more than one person's use?
  • Might an additional bathroom better suit our family's needs?
  • Is the water pressure adequate in current showers and tubs?
  • Is there enough hot water to meet our family's needs?
  • Does the current bathroom have enough countertop area?
  • Do we want granite or tile countertops?
  • Is there enough storage space for personal incidentals as well as clean towels and paper products?
  • Do we have a water-saving, efficient toilet?
  • Do we have adequate light for our needs?
  • Do we want tile or carpeting on our floor?
  • Is there a particular style we'd like in our bathroom?
  • How much are we willing to invest to have the bathroom of our dreams?

Once you have considered these questions, the next step is a discussion about your wants and needs with a Keith Trembley professional. We will help you with types and styles of cabinets, comparing one countertop surface to another. We will help you create the bathroom experience you want within a budget with which you are comfortable.



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