KTB/PDR Welcomes New Employee

Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration is glad to welcome new employee, Jeremy Freeman. Jeremy is joining the Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration team as a Mitigation Technician. Jeremy has previous experience in water restoration as he has worked many years at KleenMaster of Portland. Jeremy has 2 daughters, Alyssa, 13, and Hannah, 8. When he is not out on losses for PDR, Jeremy enjoys fishing, camping, golf, hiking, and the Red Sox!!!


The Lobsterman Triathlon

The Lobsterman Triathlon was held on September 19, 2009 at Winslow Park in Freeport, Maine.  It had 800 athletes from around the country.  It was an Olympic Triathlon, a 1 mile ocean swim, 25 miles on bike, and 6.1 miles running. 

The Lobsterman triathlon takes place in the historic town of Freeport, Maine, located on a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  While this charming town is better known as the home of retailer L.L. Bean, the course offers participants a chance to swim, bike, and run through sheer natural splendor.

The deep-water start begins in crystal-clear blue water, facing the Casco Bay Islands with numerous colorful lobster marker buoys visible in the distance.  The islands protect the swim start from most waves, and water visibility is usually 15 to 20 feet.  The transition area is located on a grassy knoll surrounded by gigantic pine trees.

Rolling back-country roads carry cyclists and runners through a historic village, a community of New England colonial homes and sprawling saltwater farms.  Other local scenery along the route includes a yacht club, forests, craggy rock formations and white wooden churches surrounded by picket fences.  The inspiring beauty of this course is guaranteed to push every athlete through the finish.


The Lobsterman was voted the most scenic triathlon race in America by “Triathlete Magazine” March 2009.

“I came in at 3 hours, 1 minute, 20 minutes slower than last year.  However, I was still pleased as my training this summer was way off from last year due to many family and work issues.  Overall, I was still in the top 3rd at 255th place.  Ahead of many much younger athletes!”

“My reasons for the training and the racing are the natural highs the exercising gives me, and it also is the way I deal with stress.  How many more years can I do this?  Well, there were a number of athletes in their 60’s and one even in her 70’s.  So as long as my knees hold up, I plan on doing these races.  It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  And, boy do I sleep good that night!”

Keith Trembley, Owner

Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration

Keith - Lobsterman Triathlon                                          Keith - Lobsterman Triathlon -2

From Design to Disaster to Delight

The homeowner identified her concerns with the spaces within her home and stated she was not happy with current layout.  Her kitchen was too small, the dining room too cramped, lighting was just okay, the family room location and size kept her removed from interactions and out of site while working or doing anything in the kitchen, not really allowing her to be a part of most conversations, and the rear deck needed a complete overhaul. Our objective at Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration was to create a space where as soon as you stepped through the door everyone’s response would be the same, “WOW!”   Once we had our final design we began the work. The homeowners needed to continue to live in their home while the remodeling was to take place. We began the project on July 7, 2008 and almost finished on September 26, 2008.

On Friday afternoon, September 26th, around 4:00 p.m. the painters had just finished the final coat of varnish on wood edge on counter and custom wood surround which covered support post, carpenters had finished picking up their tools left the site. The homeowner and project manager, Gary Proulx, were sitting near the fire place and looking across the wide open new family room and kitchen admiring the unbelievable changes, when Gary questioned what was making the fog/mist appearance at the other end of the room, he got up, walked across the room while discussing it could perhaps be paint/varnish fumes in the air being vaporized by the just lit fireplace when it became clear that it was smoke coming from the basement stairwell!  Gary immediately went to the stairwell and started down when he heard a small explosion and then a hiss.  He started down the stairs with the homeowner close behind when he could see the reflection of fire and the smoke becoming very dark.  Gary spoke to the homeowner, grabbed her arm and said we need to get out of the building immediately!  She grabbed the cordless house phone as they went outside and called 911 to report her home was on fire!  Her brand new, not lived in yet, addition!

While they stood outside in utter disbelief they watched the house, in less than 3 minutes fill with thick smoke.  Realizing there was going to be major damage here, Gary asked the homeowner who their insurance agent was and explained he would call the Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration office, let them know what was going on, and request that we contact the insurance on behalf of the homeowner and explain what was currently going on.  At the same time, Gary asked our office to mobilize our emergency response personnel and start the ball rolling; we were going to need major help here.  In less than 10 minutes the Fire Department was on site asking questions as to the layout of inside and where the fire was.  The homeowner gave them a quick overview and in they went.

You just cannot imagine the emotional trauma and shock someone has when living something like this!  This brand new, long awaited renovation was completely covered with thick black soot!  From floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall, inside everything was blackened.  What was so beautiful only 60 minutes ago, was now a disaster.  

Come to find out the fire was started by a dehumidifier in their finished basement.  For some unknown reason the compressor pump did not automatically shut off and kept running until it caught fire.  

Randy Nason, manager of Keith Trembley Builder / Paul Davis Restoration, mitigation division, had already made arrangements to have the dry cleaning company on site to meet with the homeowner and remove all fabric materials from the home and begin the special process for smoke removal on everything.  Randy had also rearranged schedules and had lined up a 4-6 person crew for this job site to begin the massive process of cleaning up.  KTB/ PDR worked feverishly with the target date of Thanksgiving in mind, to have the homeowners moved back into their home for the Holidays. And yes, the family did celebrate Thanksgiving in their new space. 

Out of a great tragedy was born a stunning new home.

Glazier Before     Kitchen Before

 Glazier After     Kitchen After

Milo Church Fire

The fire was started above the tin ceiling in the main chapel by a frayed wire to the ceiling light.  The Fire Department sprayed so much water that it affected the entire main chapel and ran down into the basement area.  The walls and ceilings were all ornate tin work, this all had to be removed to dry the structure.

Milo 1

The burnt out roof structure above the main chapel.

Milo 2

The downstairs storage area below the main chapel that was water damaged.

Milo 3

The entrance to the church after we removed all affected materials.