1st Annual Bangor Humane Society Benefactor Thank You Night

It was amazing to see so many familiar faces, so many committed individuals who help to take a stand and help the Bangor Humane Society with the caring of area animals.  Most people help with their time and money, while others help with their Veterinarian services, without which the Humane Society could not function.

The guest speaker, Bill Irwin, and his Seeing Eye dog were there.  Bill and his wife, Debra, reside in Sebec, Maine.  Bill spoke of his unbelievable adventure of hiking the application trail with his Seeing Eye dog.  Everyone in attendance received an autographed copy of Bill’s book, Blind Courage, complements of the Cross family.

Keith Trembley Builder, Inc., along with Climo Electric (Dave & Robin Climo), & Art Landry Plumbing & Heating (Kenny & Lisa Therrian) were honored when asked if we would sponsor this very worthwhile organizations’ 1st annual event.  Thanks to all the wonderful people in attendance and for their continued support of our Bangor Humane Society.

Gorham Water Loss


Kitchen Before                         Kitchen After


Bathroom Before                     Bathroom After 

The loss was due to a broken plumbing fixture under the bathroom sink. This happened while the homeowners were in their coastal home lobstering. Their well emptied into their home until the water pump gave out. There is no telling how many hundreds of gallons of water went through their home. They returned to find a large water/mold loss.

The customer was pleased with their experience:

Customer Note:
Dear Lynn,
Thank you very much for all your measuring, planning, scoping, ordering, scheduling, supervising, lugging, and whatever, but especially for patiently coaching two older folks through a process from pretty scary to just great.
Here’s to lunch for you and Paul some fine Spring day.
Homeowner, Gorham
Customer Note:
Dear Carolle,
We truly appreciate all the work you did, slogging through the mess that was our house last summer.
The enclosed “gift certificate” is to Olive Garden, Outback, or wherever with our thanks.
Homeowner, Gorham