Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

Keith Trembley Builders

I am writing to thank you for the “renewal” of my 50 year old kitchen.

My kitchen is very small and needed more lighting.  I knew I wanted white cabinets, but beyond that I wasn’t sure what to do.  Your kitchen designer showed up and made some great suggestions and did all the measurements.  The quotes and drawings arrived and she went over everything with us, even to the timetable of how long it would take.

The carpenters came, put down plastic on the floors and in open archways and began to rip out the old.  A wall oven was removed and replaced with a full stove, new ceiling put in and boxed in the soffit over the cabinets, and moved the dishwasher to be beside the sink.  The electrician was right on hand when needed with no delay.  The new cabinets were installed, complete with lights under them and new flooring put down.

The cabinets were great – the kitchen design included glass doors in one, sliding shelves, built in spice rack – All making things more efficient.

And, all this was done in the 2 week period quoted – even with one of the carpenters out for medical problems for 3 days.

My “new” kitchen is everything I dreamt of – Light and efficient.

Thanks to all your people that made this possible.

Dan & Lois Spellman