Customer Service Training

Over the last 6 weeks, our entire company has been participating in customer service training.  Over the last several decades customer service as a whole is on the decline.  Our objective is to make sure that we are not a part of this decline, so Keith as the owner, led us through several weeks of training.

In this training, we discussed:

1. Expand the idea of SERVICE

2. Redefine who the CUSTOMERS are

3. Develop CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY qualities

4. Continue to EXAMINE our progress and success

We truly believe in, and strive to realize superior customer service, which is developed from:

1. Our customers define what good customer service is.

2. Customers drive our business.

3. We learn from our customers.

4. Consistency.

Our main goal is to exceed customer expectations  — to always serve the customer, the customers are what drive our business, we would not have a business without them.