Glenburn, Maine Cottage Renovation




20130403_100344Bob Cyr, project manager, for Keith Trembley Builder is renovating this lake front cottage in Glenburn, Maine, with the help of our 2 carpenters Dan and Jason. The cottage sits just 15′ off the water’s edge. The goal is to turn this into comfortable year round living for a young doctor who just purchased the cottage. New large Andersen windows and doors are replacing the old plates of glass. The entire front wall is now new high efficiency glass. New Bertch cabinetry with granite countertops are being installed, along with a new custom tiled walk-in shower. New wood and tile floors are being installed throughout. When this is completed this newly remodeled cottage will be more energy efficient, and more comfortable. What a fine place to wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise over the water!

Waterville Maine Home Costs $11,200 a Year to Heat!

20130330_105149We did an energy audit on this home in Waterville, Maine. Their heating bill was $11,200 a year. Mostly the cause was all the cathedral ceilings. Almost every room has cathedrals to the roof. And the rooms were 9 to 12 feet tall. It’s easy to figure the problem, a 2×10 rafter can only hold 8″ of fiberglass and if it’s installed poorly, as this was, they may only have an R value of around 20 at best. This home was four times leakier than the BPI standard.

In this situation about all you can do is dense pack the rafters from the ridge. Fill them up solid with insulation and increase the R value and stop all the air leaks. Also, most of the doors were worn out and needed new weather stripping, or to be replaced.

Augusta, Maine Bedrooms over Garage Cold in Winter

20130329_133858Keith visited this home in Augusta, Maine. The homeowner said the bedrooms over the garage were freezing cold all winter, and the home had just gone through an entire renovation. After checking the ceiling with the Boroscope, we found that there was no insulation in the garage ceiling! No wonder those rooms were cold.

This is an easy fix for Dr. Energy Saver and Keith Trembley Home Solutions. We just need to pop off some vinyl siding and drill holes in the box sill, then we dense pack the entire ceiling with cellulose giving the 2×8″ ceiling an R value of approximately 30. That will solve the cold bedroom problem and save some money on the heating bill.