Dr. Energy Saver Bangor, Maine Attic Insulation



Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley is working on a home in Bangor, Maine. You can see the before photo of the attic and chimney, there is only 3.5″ of fiberglass insulation. Also, there is no fire stop around the chimney. This just pulls all of the warm air out of the house all winter long. Also seen here we are pulling nails from boards in an attic. We need to remove the boards in order to install cellulose insulation. You can see the finished result; this work will pay for itself in 4 years and make the home much more comfortable.

Efficiency Maine

Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley Home Solutions serving Maine customers is glad to announce they are a registered vendor with Efficiency Maine. Efficiency Maine is a state run program to help educate homeowners on saving money in their energy costs. They also have weatherization, air sealing and audit programs, and now also have financing at low rates.

The reason for us to be a qualified vendor is that Efficiency Maine has very strong requirements to join. They have a code of conduct and guarantees. They require a high amount of insurance to be carried by the vendor to protect the homeowners. They will remove a vendor if there have been complaints about the contractor. By hiring an Efficiency Maine vendor you can be sure that contractor has passed these requirements and has a good reputation. Keith Trembley Home Solutions is in its 33rd year serving Maine customers, and through it all our BBB rating has remained an A+. We perform design build, remodeling, basement finishing, waterproofing, fire and water restoration, mold remediation, trauma cleanup, and energy upgrades. Our employees are certified in their prospective areas. Our project managers are certified and most have college degrees in construction. Our designers have over a combined 100 years in experience. We are glad to partner with Efficiency Maine.

Hard Contents Cleaning – Before & After

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Before                                          After


These bird statues came from a fire in Dexter, Maine. The house was a total loss. However, a few sentimental items were salvaged. Here at Paul Davis Restoration in Milford, Maine our hard contents division has fully restored these statues, as well as many other items.

Bangor, Maine Basement Transformation


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This customer in Bangor, Maine called us in to look at her basement. She wanted the space to be more useable, but was concerned with the high degree of “Spaulding” on her walls. Her questions were: How it affected the integrity of the walls? And, how is it affecting air quality? Concrete Spaulding is a common occurrence in our area with so many older homes, high humidity, and water levels in the soil. We were able to scrape off the loose concrete and treat with a sealer.

Then, to make the space more usable we installed our Foam Everlast panels over the concrete. This accomplished three things: First the space was now usable and way more attractive; in her words, we made their “basement a place we will want to spend time in.” Secondly, the basement was more energy efficient; the walls meet the new energy codes and have an R15. This will save them money on their heating costs. In our Dr. Energy Saver business, we are taught that the second most important place to insulate is your basement; it gives a great return on your investment. And, finally by using the Total Basement Finishing system along with a fire stop at the top of the walls we are actually encapsulating the concrete and eliminating any Spaulding from affecting the air quality.

We also installed a Sani Dry dehumidifier with LED controls and we set the control for 53% humidity. During June’s unusually hot weather the owner called me to say the basement was very comfortable.

The interesting thing about this basement was the low ceiling height. We could not install a suspended ceiling as we usually do. In this case, we painted the ceiling and all the wires and piping a flat black, like you see in some restaurants. The flat black paint hides all of the things that typically run through your framing, and with a commercial style light the rooms takes on a ‘loft’ type look. The homeowner came up with the idea of painting the lower pies a maroon red, the red actually matched the children’s school colors, it was a great idea and really looks sharp.

All in all, the homeowner is very pleased with the outcome as are we, as this was not your typical basement, but here at Keith Trembley Home solutions we try to be creative in finding the right solution.

From the Homeowner:
A special thank you to Dave and Stacey for painting the ceiling black on such a hot, humid day! Also, thank you to Dave for chopping away at half of the beam to clean up the wall in the stairway! Thanks to all who helped make our basement a place we will want to spend time in.

Nichi F., Bangor