Keith Trembley Home Solutions Celebrated at Basement Systems Convention


Keith Trembley Home Solutions was recently celebrated at this year’s Basement Systems convention as being the Number 7 largest dealer in the country for its basement finishing system. Total Basement Finishing is a completely waterproof, mold proof system for remodeling your basement. Keith Trembley Home Solutions has been in business for 33 years and services the entire state of Maine for basement finishing. Keith says that next year our goal is to be #5!

Also, at the Basement Systems convention this August Keith Trembley Home Solutions was awarded the “Team Award” for its contribution in charity work of all types. Whether building a handicap ramp, installing a pool for a disabled child, or joining in a walk-a-thon, the employees at Keith Trembley Home Solutions have participated and enjoyed themselves in numerous charitable events. Just recently four employees helped raise $4,000 for the United Way at a golf tournament In Presque Isle.

Paul Davis provides safety tips for National Preparedness Month in September

Milford, ME – August 28, 2013 – Paul Davis, a leading provider of water, fire and mold damage clean up and restoration services for residential and commercial properties, is proud to support National Preparedness Month in September and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Ready campaign, Resolve to be Ready. To help promote safety and spread the message to help property owners be better prepared, Paul Davis encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to follow some important steps during emergencies. For free information, checklists and guidelines, visit the FEMA website at

Paul Davis recommends the following safety tips
• Be informed – Know the specific hazards and risks in your area.
• Make a family emergency plan – Know how you would communicate with and find your
loved ones if a disaster hit.
• Build an emergency supply kit – both at home and in the car – that includes water, food and
first aid supplies to help you survive if you lose power or get stranded in your car. This is
especially important for dealing with icy roads and snowstorms this winter.
• Get Involved – Find out how you can promote preparedness in your community.

Paul Davis recommends the following for a basic emergency kit:
• Water – one gallon per person per day for at least three days
• Food – at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
• Clothing – change of clothing and a sleeping bag for each person
• Battery-powered or hand crank radio, a NOAA Weather Radio – extra batteries
• Cell Phone and charger
• Flashlight – extra batteries
• First aid kit – sterile gloves; adhesive bandages; antibiotic ointment; gauze pads; iodine/alcohol pads; medical tape; pain reliever; emergency Mylar blanket; thermometer; prescription medications and supplies.
• Waterproof, portable containers – for IDs, insurance policies, bank account records, site maps, employee contact, computer backup files, emergency and law enforcement information, and priority documents. Store a second set of records off-site.

According to FEMA, safety measures continue to focus on preparing for threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the security of the United States. It is the shared responsibility of individuals, communities, private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, along with Federal, state, and local government.

Contact a licensed professional or restoration and emergency services company if damage to your home or business is significant. Qualified technicians are certified from The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Visit the local office website at
About Paul Davis:
Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. is a national franchisor and leading provider of restoration services for residential and commercial properties since 1966. Paul Davis Restoration also provides complete remodeling services and has franchise locations throughout North America with owners and technicians who are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Visit the website at

Cellulose Over Fiberglass Insulation

If someone tells you fiberglass insulation is better than cellulose don’t believe it. Usually they say that because that is what they are blowing in attics. Cellulose is a much better product than fiberglass. Cellulose will not mold or rot. As the outside temperature rises or drops its insulating performance actually improves while fiberglass drops dramatically! And, fiberglass lets air wash through it; it is why they use it for filters. Air does not go through cellulose. Cellulose is treated with a fire retardant. In fact the federal government did a study where they burned 3 identically built houses… The house without insulation burnt to the ground first. Then the house with fiberglass followed 10 minutes later. The house with cellulose lasted an hour longer and did not collapse! Now if you were living there and needed to vacate the house during a fire, which one would you want?

Cellulose is not toxic, and it’s a green product! While, the federal government has labeled fiberglass insulation as a toxic product, which may lead to cancer. There are more scientific reasons to use cellulose, but what more needs to be said! Here at Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley Home Solutions we only do the ‘right’ thing.