Cost Effective Ideas When Building New

There are many considerations and options to look at when ever you build a new home or large remodeling project.  Cost should be considered both short and long term.  Here are only a few considerations:  

Locate your home giving consideration to Southern Exposure.  Properly turning you home to capture Solar Gain could save you 10-20% on your heating cost both short and long term cost savings.  

* Exterior finishes can save or cost you with future maintenance.  Wood sidings require more maintenance than do the vinyl products and often are more expensive to purchase and install.

* Roof shingles too are an area you can save in the long term.  For example the difference in long term cost for a 30 year architectural shingle and a 40 year/lifetime shingle is only $ 34.00/year from the 30 year rating.

* Never skimp on Insulation.  Your return on investment here is immediate and everlasting!

* Flooring is a good area to save & divert cost.  For example you could choose carpeting for now and easily change to hardwood at a later date, or you could use vinyl now and change out an area to tile later.

* Interior trims are another easy item to save & divert cost with.  You could start with a more simple moulding than change out a room or two at a time at a later date as your budget allows.

* Windows and doors are not usually a good area for compromise.  These items are far too expensive to redo and poor quality windows and doors will cost you in heating and cooling cost. You can however save and divert cost by having your contractor build your rough opening large enough to accept a future patio door unit and install only a window or lesser expensive door unit until you are ready for that deck, patio, or garden in the back yard.

These are only a glimpse or the many considerations one has whenever a new home or major addition project begins.  Most importantly, always look at your cost based on your long term.  All too often what sounds like a great idea for the short term can turn out to be a very costly decision in the longer scheme of things.  Your building contractor should be able to help with these decisions by providing you with some reasonable cost comparisons.  Comparisons now in hand you’ll be able to make an informed decision, a decision which is in your best interest.

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Below is a picture of Project Manager, Gary Proulx, with the owners of a New Construction home by Keith Trembley Builder.


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  1. Very good ideas indeed! I have ten years old house and from the beginning I have not done any remodeling services. For this reason some part of my building seem to me affected very badly and I don’t understand anything that what can I do in this situation. So in this moment I hope that I will get some sort of solution from here as well.

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