Garage Makeover

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling was called in by Homeowners in Freeport, Maine to look at how they could increase their living space in their home. The homeowners had a typical 1970’s ranch style home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, living room and kitchen. They have 6 grown children and 3 grandchildren! The issue was when they all visited for the holidays there was not enough room for sleeping, and the grandchildren overran the living room which is where the adults would gather to talk and connect.

After meeting with the homeowners it was quickly decided that an addition would be out of their budget. An addition of 600 square feet would typically cost approximately in the range of $120,000.00. As it would require foundation and site work.

  Normally we would add space in the basement. And our Total Basement Finishing package is the perfect solution for creating more living space, and separating the young children from the adult areas. Unfortunately this home was built on ledge and only had a 3 foot crawl space!

   So, after sizing up the situation I offered the idea of using part of the garage. They have a four car garage attached to the house and it was filled with shelves and items from all the grown kids. As long as the wife could still use the garage they were open to the idea. And as a bonus it would give them a reason to have the children come get all their stuff!

  So we designed the plans on our basement 3D software, and after a few revisions we came to a plan the owners loved. So construction began in mid January and completed in early March.. The floor had to be raised and framed with pressure treated lumber. The garage door was removed and filled in with studs and a patio door. The windows were updated to Anderson low E glass. New insulated steel doors were installed. The room needed heat so we installed 2 new white radiators off the existing hot water boiler and on their own separate zone. The room was very well insulated with fiberglass in the existing stud walls, then our Insulating unfinished panels over that for an R value of 25 in the walls. We also had an R value of 22 in the floor and 48 in the ceiling.

  The room was finished off with our vinyl flooring, drywall ceiling and lots of wide moldings. We created a separate laundry room which was one of the main complaints of the homeowner for years as the laundry was in the hall next to the master bedroom. You can imagine the noise from the dryer running half the night, especially when the children visited!

  We designed the space so that the new floor ran into the existing hall and entry of the home. This gave the effect that the new addition was part of the house and was always there. The new space has an office area for the homeowners to work. It also has a workout area and treadmill. The main room has a sleeping couch, television and game area for the young kids to play and sleep. And of course we have the laundry and a walk in closet. Overall we added approximately 650 square feet, and at a cost of under $40,000.00!

The homeowners are extremely pleased, and this new space should add greatly to the future value of their home.

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