Is it Fall Allergies or Black Mold?!

ACHOO! We know what you’re thinking: This is definitely your worst year ever for fall allergies! Or is it?? If your body’s overreaction to ragweed were actually exacerbated by another irritant in your home, would you know the difference? Ask yourself the following questions to determine: Is it just fall allergies? Or do you have black mold in your home?

Are your allergy symptoms accompanied by flu-like symptoms? Maybe it’s mold.

Everyone knows the telltale signs of an allergy-sufferer: those red eyes, sniffles and hacking coughs. But are your fall “allergies” accompanied by headaches, nose bleeds, fatigue, breathing problems, nausea, loss of appetite and/or weight loss? If so, it may be the result of black mold exposure. People with seasonal allergies may be more sensitive to mold. Long-term black mold exposure has been linked to brain damage, cancer and even death. Run, don’t walk, to book an appointment with your doctor — and just as importantly, call in a restoration professional immediately if your additional “allergy symptoms” lead you to suspect there’s black mold growing in your home.

Only having symptoms in certain rooms of your house? Probably mold.

You’re healthy as can be while in your bedroom, kitchen and living room—but as soon as you walk into your bathroom or basement, you start sneezing away. What gives? Stop blaming your dashed-off dusting job—it may be that black mold is lurking in certain rooms of your home, triggering your allergies in those rooms. Black mold needs relatively high humidity to thrive, so damp spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements are likely culprits for harboring mold growth. If you have inexplicable allergies in certain areas of your home, get on the phone with a restoration professional. They can evaluate your house and eradicate the mold safely and completely. This isn’t a job you should tackle alone!

Do your symptoms flare, even when you aren’t around your allergens? Could be mold.

You’ve been managing your allergies to ragweed, the most common fall allergen, since you were a kid. You stay inside when the pollen count is highest (10 AM-3 PM), you take prescribed antihistamines, and you keep your windows closed and use the air conditioner throughout the season. But this year, something’s different. Even though you’re following your tried-and-true allergy management plan, you’re still a watery, sneezy, allergy-laden mess! Before you retreat to your bed and hide under the covers until winter’s first snow, consider getting in touch with a restoration professional to search your home for black mold. It may be that you can’t escape from your allergens because they’re also lurking inside your house in the form of toxic mold.

At Paul Davis Restoration of Central Maine, your safety is paramount, and we want to help you protect your family from danger. If you’re suffering from more than just fall allergies—call us. We’re the experts on eradicating black mold from your home.

Paul Davis Restoration of Central Maine services the following communities: Bangor Brewer, Old Town, Ellsworth, MDI, Houlton, Waterville, Augusta, and surrounding towns in Central & Down East Maine.

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