4 ways to be a lifeline to friends and family caught in a weather event

When a weather event strikes close to home, it can be hard to know how to help friends and family members in need. But there are numerous ways you can relieve their stress, just with your everyday household items. Here are four lifelines you can extend to friends and family during and after a weather event.
1. Electronics chargers

During a flood or power outage, your friends may not have the means to charge their phones and computers. Their first priority after a storm, however, will be to keep in touch with family members and stay up-to-date on public safety announcements.

TIP: Turn your home into a charging station. Invite your friends and neighbors over for tea and offer up your power strips and chargers. If you want to be extra-prepared, pick up a universal charger. Many electronics stores sell them for laptops and cell phones, and it’ll ensure that you will be able to charge a variety of standard devices.

2. A radio (and extra batteries)

When your friend’s home has been hit by a tornado, they may be left feeling stranded. 2011’s devastating Joplin, MO tornado knocked out phone lines and electricity across the city. Residents relied on the local radio station to stay informed and communicate with one another.

TIP: Offer your friend a battery-powered radio (and extra batteries) to help them keep abreast of the latest weather information so they can stay safe during and after a weather event.

3. A first aid kit

Did your neighbor suffer a minor cut in a windstorm? Did they get some serious blisters in a wildfire evacuation? In a weather event, victims may not even notice the small injuries they accumulate—but in the often-harsh conditions following, those injuries could worsen. Lend out a first aid kit to those affected by a storm; it could mean the difference between a small treatable injury and a hospital visit a few weeks down the road.

TIP: Include bandages, sanitizers or cleansing towels, antibiotic ointment, sterile dressings, scissors, disposable gloves and pain relievers in your kit.

4. A list of important phone numbers

During a weather event—especially one that may knock out electricity, like a hurricane—it can be tough to get in touch with local authorities, particularly if you don’t already have a list of their numbers on hand. Type out a list of important local numbers and give it to friends and neighbors during or after a weather event. During an emergency, your list will be a lifeline that connects them to someone who can help.

TIP: Important numbers on your list could include your local fire and police departments, the electric company, the gas company, the nearest hospital, the local radio station and designated shelters for weather events.

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