Newer Home Can’t Stay Warm

This home is only 15 years old, but the owner can’t keep it warm. Look at the bath vent hose, the original builder placed it near the soffit, not in it but close by. Now if this was an old home you may see some rot or mold from blowing all that steam onto the roof rafters, but even worse was the cold air that was pouring through the hose into the house. When Keith put the house under negative pressure and did an infrared scan on the fan, it was 33 degrees. You could almost make ice!
Next you see that there is only 1 layer of fiberglass batt in the attic. Even in 1995 I am sure they required more than that. Also, see the holes from the wires and pipes coming through the ceiling? Those just suck warm air right out of the house. Before Keith will blow more insulation into this attic he will move the fiberglass aside and seal each hole. We can easily save this homeowner 20% on her heating bill by just giving her the attic she should have. That is over $36,000 in savings in the 20 years she plans on staying there!


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