Bangor, Maine Attic Makes Home So Hot it is So Uncomfortable!









The homeowner in Bangor, Maine told us that this new $400,000 condo was so hot inside during the spring and summer it was unbearable to live in. As you can see from the pictures, it only had R25. It had no air sealing, and many pipes and vents were exposed. The attic also had a lack of ventilation even though it had ridge and soffit vents. The minimum amount of ventilation is 150 sq. ft. per 1000 sq. ft. of attic space, but we prefer 300 sq. ft. as a rule of thumb. By raising the insulation to R60, installing an insulated cover over the stairs, and installing 3 roof vents we can eliminate the heat from radiating down into the home and make the home much more comfortable for living. It also will cut the electric bill by 30%! This Bangor, Maine homeowner is spending $300 a month in the summer to cool the home. We could also install foil radiant barrier in the attic to reflect the heat back to the roof. It is against code to put insulation up tight to the chimney; also this chimney has no fire blocking. Without it, this just enhances the stack effect. 2″ thick Rockwool board or Thermax up against the chimney would solve both the fire block, and allow you to blow insulation up tight to the chimney. Hard to believe this is a new home.

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