Augusta, Maine Home with Huge Savings Possible

20130322_114700Keith inspected this 24 year old home in Augusta. It was a 1900 sq. ft. home. The federal recommended air leakage for this home to maintain healthy breathing is 1590 CFM. After doing the door blower test Keith determined the home leaks 3780 CFM’s, or 2.5 times more than it should. Now this home has all new windows and doors so the living space is pretty tight, we found that most of the leakage was in the attic. As you can see in the photo the fiberglass measures an R 30. However, that is not the “effective” R value. Most manufacturers test their insulation in a perfect air tight wall panel inside a lab. Once that fiberglass is laid in an open space it loses almost half of its R value. It has gaps on all sides and is laid loosely, and air is washing over and through it.

By blowing a solid layer of cellulose over the fiberglass we can build the R value up to the recommended rate of 60. We will build some plywood dams around the scuttle and chimney so we can blow insulation right up to them. We will need to extend the proper vents and add a fire stop to the chimney. How much of a return? Oh just about $37,000 in 20 years! What could you do if that money got freed up for you?

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  1. Do you do insulation blowing over garages? I’m located in Augusta, and with the extended cold spell we are having the cold air coming up through the garage to the bedrooms is almost unbearable. It’s difficult to heat the rooms at this point. I suspect that insulation was never blown over the garage, as I can very clearly see the light from the bedroom windows through the garage ceiling.



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