Cellulose Over Fiberglass Insulation

If someone tells you fiberglass insulation is better than cellulose don’t believe it. Usually they say that because that is what they are blowing in attics. Cellulose is a much better product than fiberglass. Cellulose will not mold or rot. As the outside temperature rises or drops its insulating performance actually improves while fiberglass drops dramatically! And, fiberglass lets air wash through it; it is why they use it for filters. Air does not go through cellulose. Cellulose is treated with a fire retardant. In fact the federal government did a study where they burned 3 identically built houses… The house without insulation burnt to the ground first. Then the house with fiberglass followed 10 minutes later. The house with cellulose lasted an hour longer and did not collapse! Now if you were living there and needed to vacate the house during a fire, which one would you want?

Cellulose is not toxic, and it’s a green product! While, the federal government has labeled fiberglass insulation as a toxic product, which may lead to cancer. There are more scientific reasons to use cellulose, but what more needs to be said! Here at Dr. Energy Saver by Keith Trembley Home Solutions we only do the ‘right’ thing.

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