Building from the Ashes Up (Part 1)

by Marcella Cheviot, KTHS Public Relations and Marketing Intern

Fire is one of the most devastating forces of destruction feared by homeowners.  We take every precaution to prevent such tragedy.  We  check smoke alarms, make sure our homes meet safety codes, and make sure that our heating systems are working efficiently and safely.

However, we sometimes forget just how important some safety precautions are.  Sometimes we simply overlook a fire hazard.  Sometimes, things just happen.

Sometimes, the things that just “happen” can destroy life as we know it.

That’s what happened to a family in Dedham, ME who spent 20 years building their home from the bottom up.  It all started with an octagonal shaped structure that they moved to the heart of one of Maine’s beautiful forests.

From there, they created an entire house, completely their own.

The bottom of the shower was lined with pebbles the homeowners found on the property.  The deck wrapped completely around the house, so that no matter where you stood, you could see some of Maine’s beauty.  You could hear a babbling brook, just yards away from the front door.  Flowers and decorations lined the staircases, adding to the sense of “home.”

The kitchen housed a large, industrial sized stove; perfect for entertaining.  They built a large stone fireplace in the center of the octagonal shaped room; perfect for the cold, Maine winters.

The house made the perfect home for the family.  Unfortunately, a safety hazard was overlooked, and a fire started.  The entire home was left charred.

Many thought the family would leave and move to another location altogether.  Others thought they might have an entirely different house built in the same location.  After much thought, the family chose another option altogether.

They chose to call Keith Trembley Home Solutions, to have them restore the badly damaged home to its former glory.

While this is no simple task, KTHS has worked hard to make sure that the family gets exactly what they ask for.  Work has been underway for months.  The clean-up was the first hard part.  KTHS ensures that there will be no remaining smell from the fire.

Salvageable objects were taken to KTHS’s cleaning unit.  Walls were gutted and ceilings were redone.  The house had to be reduced to a mere shell before the rebuilding could begin.

After being completely gutted, the house is now ready to start becoming a home again.
After being completely gutted, the house is now ready to start becoming a home again.

While the rebuilding may take a long time, it will be worth the wait.  From the ashes, a home will once again rise.


(Stay tuned for updates on this story.)

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