Seven reasons you should remodel your house this winter

by Marcella Cheviot, KTHS P.R. and Marketing Intern

There are many things people think about when the snow starts to fall:  Skiing, building snowmen, celebrating holidays, drinking hot cocoa, and nestling close to a warm fire.  But what most people don’t consider is remodeling.

It’s true that remodeling can be quite the process, depending on what’s being remodeled and where.  However, remodeling doesn’t always have to be done in the warmer seasons.  In fact, there are a few reasons for you to remodel this winter.

1. Indoor projects are perfect for winter completion.  Popular winter projects include bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, and living room remodels.  Why put off revamping your living quarters until the warmer months when you can get it done now?

2. You might want to go on vacation.  Winter is a popular time for going on vacation in warmer climates.  If you’re a “snow bird,” or you simply want to take the family for a trip to Florida, you can look forward to seeing your newly remodeled home when you return.

3. New year, new house.  New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes.  Why not resolve to finish that remodel you’ve put off for so long?


4. We don’t have to let a lot of heat out.  Contrary to popular belief, we have the technology it takes to clean up dust particles and other respiratory hazards without leaving all of your windows and doors open.

5. We’ll clean up.  We also have what it takes to keep your house clean during the remodel.  Our employees are careful and diligent during the process and we’ll make sure your newly remodeled home is showroom worthy when we finish.


6. You might have more money available.  Not sure what to do with your income tax?  Well, now you have an idea.  Remodels also add to your property value, which can make you money in the long run.

7. You’ll have a newly remodeled home to enjoy!  You’ll not only get to enjoy your newly remodeled home during the rest of the winter, but for the other lovely seasons as well.  There’s nothing like having a newly remodeled house to call “home.”

If any of these reasons have convinced you to get your remodeling done this winter, then give Keith Trembley Home Solutions a call at 888.869.9395 or visit our website at