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Since 1980, KTHS has been providing residental remodeling (kitchens, baths, additions, barrier-free), commercial construction, custom homes, waterfront homes as well as restoration and mold remedation services through its Paul Davis franchise.

KTHS invites you to review photos of projects and read comments from satisfied homeowners and business owners.
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paul davis

Paul Davis

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling is a division of Keith Trembley Home Solutions. Focusing on disaster recovery, Paul Davis is an expert in mold remediation, and fire and water damage restoration.

Keith Trembley has invested more than $250,000 in a new 1800 sq ft space in its warehouse to better serve homeowners who have undergone a fire or suffered from water damage.

basement finishing

Total Basement Finishing

Total Basement Finishing, a division of Keith Trembley Home Solutions, employs a basement finishing system designed to transform dark, musty basements into beautiful, dry, moisture-resistant spaces. The system is versitable enough to work with any design idea you have in mind fro the space, from a family room to a home gym, to a hobby shop, to a wine cellar - and more!

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energy saving

Dr. Energy Saver

Dr. Energy Saver Home Services, a division of Keith Trembley Home Solutions, performs home energy-saving services such as adding home insulation, installing and upgrading furnaces and water hearters, replacing windows and doors, and much more. A comprehensive home-energy evaluation helps you discover where your home is using, losing and wasting energy.

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