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Maine's Trusted Kitchen Remodeling Experts

If the thought of hiring a kitchen designer, remodeler, electrician, or any other multitude of contractors seems more than a daunting task, then it's time to contact Keith Trembley Home Solutions.

As certified kitchen remodeler and builders, we are a 'one stop shop' for all your home and kitchen remodeling needs!

Keith Trembley Home Solutions Offers Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Maine

Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about hiring numerous contractors? We care about limiting your stress and assisting you with all your decisions! That's why at Keith Trembley Builder we pride ourselves on helping customers through the entire decision-making process.

With an extensive building and remodeling knowledge, our design specialists will guide you through all the design and remodeling choices, such as: "What's the best brand for kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops?" or "What colors and textures look the best together?"

We invite you to visit our kitchen design showrooms in Milford and Portland, Maine. 

An investment in your future

A kitchen remodel is by far one of the best investments a homeowner can make, and the return on investment (ROI) kitchen remodeling might produce is an important consideration. The ROI a homeowner might expect for a kitchen remodel varies, depending on how you spend your kitchen remodeling dollars and the strength of the housing market in your specific area. The annual Cost Versus Value Report  — a joint study done by the National Association of Realtors and Remodeling magazine-provides national and regional averages. The report is an estimate of the costs associated with a kitchen remodel and compares it to the value it would recoup if the home sold ONE year later. 

Most older-style kitchens can easily be updated without major structural changes. Painting the walls and replacing cabinets might be a starting point. Replacing vinyl flooring with ceramic tile, new countertops, a ceramic backsplash and a double-basin sink are modern kitchen remodeling options many homeowners consider. New appliances might be included in the facelift such as a dishwasher or a drop-in range.

An antiquated kitchen may need to be gutted. New custom cabinets and natural stone countertops become the rule. A kitchen remodel is something the chef of the house wants and deserves. Changing an inconvenient traffic flow and adding state-of-the-art appliances to make gourmet meal preparation possible is every chef's dream.

How much you plan to budget for your kitchen remodel has as much to do with meeting your wants and needs, but also how long you plan to remain in your home. Today's trend to retire in place means many Americans are going to make sure they include the best ideas a kitchen remodel can bring to their decision. When you are planning on staying in your home for more than five years, plan a budget of 15%-18% of the total value of your home. So, if your home is worth $300,000, a kitchen remodel budget of $45,000 is a reasonable investment. It is our pleasure to help you work your way through all the planning, budget considerations, and decisions a kitchen remodel brings. Here is a list of preliminary questions for you to consider and discuss with us during the early planning stages:

  • How often do we prepare meals in our kitchen?
  • Is our kitchen the focal point of daily family life? Is the face of the refrigerator an art gallery for budding Rembrandts? How much time do we spend in the kitchen and dining room area?
  • Do we have children or physically impaired family members in the kitchen?
  • Do we eat in the kitchen, or is it a place for meal preparation only?</li> <li> How often is there more than one person involved in meal preparation?
  • How does the current traffic flow work in our kitchen and how would we improve it?
  • What are our storage needs? How often do we shop and how much room do we need for all categories of consumables?</li> <li> Are we happy with the appliances we currently have, or are we going to update them during the remodel?
  • How safe and efficient is our current kitchen and what changes might we make to correct deficiencies?
  • Is there enough light for meal preparation?
  • Do we need more countertop surface area to prepare meals efficiently?</li> <li> Do we need a larger stove or refrigerator?
  • How much are we willing to invest to have the kitchen we want?

Once you have considered these questions, the next step is a discussion about your wants and needs with a Keith Trembley professional.


Kitchen Tips & Facts

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation in Maine

Keith Trembley Builders is available to help you choose the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinets for a newly remodeled kitchen. They're sure to provide only the highest quality kitchen cabinetry. From custom to stock models, any homeowner will be able to choose from the reputable designs of Merillat Cabinets and Bertch Cabinet Mfg.

Merillat Cabinets

Merillat Cabinets serves as one of the most preferred cabinet manufacturers, after maintaining professional relationships and becoming nationally recognized for their brand quality since 1946. With an unmatched combination of quality and style, Merillat Cabinets are affordable gems for any Maine Kitchen.

Keith Trembley Builders loves the Merillat attention to detail, extensive warranties, and large inventory of styles, wood, and finishes.

  • “Masterpiece”
    • Lifetime warranty
    • 35 Door Styles
    • 6 Wood Species / Laminates
    • 49 Finishes including glaze

The Merillat Masterpiece® collection is made for excellence! Create the most sought after kitchen with these stylish, accommodating and beautifully crafted cabinets that far exceed industry standards and bring those decorative tastes to life.

  • “Classic”
    • 25-Year Limited Warranty
    • 19 Door Styles
    • 5 Wood Species / Laminates
    • 19 Finishes, including glaze

Make the kitchen your favorite room again! With the Merillat Classic® cabinetry, a homeowner will love the available styles, wood options, and finishes that combine with the functionality of only the best cabinetry.

  • “Essentials”
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty
    • 6 Door Styles
    • 3 Wood Species / Laminates
    • 8 Finishes, no premium

Merillat Essentials® offers master designs to accommodate any budget. Utilize and organize an entire kitchen for a great price.

Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing

With 30 years experience, a commitment to the environment through reforestation and recycling, and an array of custom, semi-custom, and high quality cabinets-- Bertch Cabinet Mfg. is a wonderful choice for your kitchen remodeling project.

Each product line offers numerous door styles, wood characteristics and finish colors. Keith Trembley Builders will help customers navigate all of the choices, from the beauty of existing design styles to the versatility of custom designs.

Some of the popular styles and design choices include:

  • "Legacy" Cabinets
  • "Marketplace" Cabinets
  • "Custom" Cabinets

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops can accommodate any homeowner's needs. From style to livability, enjoy the affordability of surface materials like laminate or tile-- and the prowess of luxurious glass or granite countertops. Keith Trembley Home Solutions can help any homeowner find the kitchen countertops that represent personal style and meet the family's concerns such as lifestyle, cooking preferences, and family size or children.

Kitchen Countertops for Every Homeowner

Kitchen remodeling isn't complete without having chosen the perfect kitchen countertops. As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Keith Trembley  understands the importance of finding the right countertops. To this end, they've chosen a reliable manufacturer to provide each homeowner with quality countertops: Bangor Wholesale Laminates.

Find the Best Kitchen Countertops in Bangor, Portland and Lewiston

Bangor Wholesale Laminates began in 1911 as a small woodwork, door and window specialist. With a management shift in 1977, the company maximized its proficiency and productivity by nearly 30 times its original worth in 1911. Produced from some of the best fine-stone quarries, the countertops are available in numerous materials and finishes.

Countertop Styles and Surface Material


This colorful and affordable countertop is available in eighteen colors of granite. Slightly rarer stones such as travertine, slate, and marble are also available.


The ever-popular quartz, also known as engineered stone, is the fastest-growing countertop material. It has gained such a report by virtue of its crystal strength, elegance, and maintenance-free character. Choose from the nine classic or modern color schemes.


Engineered roughly 30 years ago, the solid material is easily formable to match most kitchen shapes, making it just as versatile as it is beautiful.

Heritage Wood

With a solid finish that expresses comfort along with strength, the heritage wood countertops are flawlessly made to resist water, heat, stains, and scratches. Choose Heritage for its sanitary benefits and its wide range of color palettes and long lifespan.


Orders placed from our stock selection of postform can be ready in days. If your tastes lean toward the highly unique, laminate offers the broadest selection of colors and patterns of any surface type. Wood patterns, solid colors and wild abstractions available.


The lighting in a room can say a lot about a person. It creates a particular feeling or mood, and it just might be why a person chooses to like or dislike a room. Light can play a key role in a room's overall comfort and appeal.

Kitchen remodeling is more than just choosing the right countertop or kitchen cabinetry — it's creating an inviting and pleasant environment.

The Body's Response to Light

A human body responds to light through what's called the "circadian rhythm," which is the proper name for the "internal clock." This process is controlled by the amount of light our eyes and body both receive, respectively. Light helps the human body feel energized and alert, which explains why people tend to be awake during the day and asleep at night. Thus, dim lighting creates a relaxing undertone in a room, whereas significant lighting helps induce productivity and energy.

Light affects more than just the body's circadian rhythm; it also affects the pituitary gland, which has a big say in how we feel. In rooms where there's hardly any light, the pituitary gland releases high volumes of a hormone known as melatonin, which makes us tired. In areas with a lot of light, the amount of melatonin lessens and we grow attentive and alert.

With Keith Trembley Home Soltiosn, a kitchen will be transformed through the collaboration of a beautiful design, tasteful furnishings and the alluring touch of hand-chosen light fixtures.

For a free kitchen remodeling quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

Pendant Lighting in Bangor, Maine

Just like that special necklace, pendant lighting can become any homeowner's favorite kitchen accessory. As it delicately balances over the kitchen table, counter or bar, the pendant illuminates the area and adds a modern, sophisticated feel to the kitchen.


Recessed Lighting is Good for Any Kitchen

When a kitchen isn't as spacious as desired, choose recessed lighting! This lighting can enlarge the space and provide accent lighting for any special artwork or areas of the kitchen. Always try to place the lights in front of where you want the light to shine. The lights should be spaced according to their size-- a four-inch light is spaced at four foot increments.

See Everything You Store with Under Cabinet Lights

Reduce head bumps and food container storage disasters with under-cabinet lighting fixtures. These easy-to-conceal lights are perfect for upper or lower cabinets. They can draw attention to dish displays, or make it far easier to find the long lost pan.

Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

Maintaining the quality of the kitchen cabinets is important to obtaining the full value of the kitchen remodeling investment. There are various ways of upkeeping the cabinets, depending on its finish. In addition, there are some helpful kits and tools that can help when repairing scratches and making other touchups.

  • Touchups: Utilize the touchup marker to fill in the finish where a scratch has removed the stain.
  • Filler: A putty stick is the perfect remedy for filling nail holes, and any subtle dents or dings.

Keeping the Wood Finishing Looking Good as New

Some homeowners may utilize glass cleaner or detergent to clean the kitchen cabinets; however Keith Trembley Builders recommends a light waxing here and there and purchasing a furniture polish. When a wood finished cabinet has a stain, try using a moist cloth with light dish soap. Wipe a second time over with a clean, moist cloth, and wipe a third time with a dry, clean cloth.

How to Maintain the Laminate Finish

To remove any soiled areas, wipe down the cabinet with a wet cloth. For the tougher stains, use a tile or countertop cleaner. Avoid using any harsh sponges or cleaners.

High Gloss Finish that Stays Clean

A high-gloss finish on a cabinet can remain luminous by wiping clean with a light soap and moist cloth. To maintain the vivid color, don't clean with wax. Clean high-gloss cabinetry with mild soap and a damp cloth.

It is nearing the close of our project and Charlie and I want to take a moment to tell you how very pleased that we are with our beautiful new home. It is indeed all that we hoped for and MORE... We were so impressed with the courteous way that we were tr - Jane & Charlie Merrill